Judaism Unboxed brings households the fun, warmth, and rich traditions of Jewish heritage through our unique food-centric recipes and experiences delivered to the doors of Jewish families.

Our goal is to create Jewish experiences, moments of learning, and Jewish connection for children, parents, and grandparents. Celebrate family traditions and create new ones through Judaism UnBoxed while discovering and appreciating Jewish heritage in advance of the Jewish holidays. 

Meet Chanala

Chanala Rubenfeld

I'm Chanala Rubenfeld and I live in Chesterfield, Mo with my husband and six (!) boys. I enjoy inspiring and guiding busy moms to lead a healthy lifestyle through my local company, which I accidentally created, Salads 2 Your Door as well as through my integrative health coaching. But, my heart and life's mission is dedicated to co-directing our local Chabad Center in Chesterfield. 


In response to a need to find ways to engage Jewish families, Judaism UnBoxed was conceived as the next level of bringing Judaism into the homes of many households in a fun and educational way. 



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